Can I watch Judge Judy on Amazon Prime? What is this about?

Can I watch Judge Judy on Amazon Prime? Judge Judy is back! The retired Judge of the Manhattan Family Court was beloved for over 25 years on CBS for her sharp wit, wisdom, and sometimes brutal honesty. The new series (produced and directed by the same team as the original Judge Judy), now entering its second season on Amazon’s FreeVee (formerly IMDb TV), follows a very similar arbitration model as its predecessor, dealing with real-life small court claims. Read on to learn more about how to watch.

Judge Judy on Amazon Prime

Can I watch Judge Judy on Amazon Prime?

“Judge Judy” continues to rule the syndicated ratings roost — in repeats — even as Judy Sheindlin debuts her new court show, “Judy Justice,” premiering Monday (Nov. 1) on Amazon Prime’s free streaming service, IMDb TV.

“Viewers can still catch me at 4 o’clock, with my old hair,” Sheindlin, 79, told The Post. “And the last time I looked, ‘Judge Judy’ was the number-one program in syndication in daytime television. If we can bring half of that 8 million-viewer audience with us [to ‘Judy Justice’] that’s terrific.

“The truth is, I think that my story, which I started 26 years ago after spending 40 years in the family court, is still relevant.”

No argument there. Sheindlin moves into “Judy Justice” not only with a huge, built-in fan base, but with new faces assisting her in the courtroom — including her granddaughter, Sarah Rose, who will be the show’s law clerk. She’s joined by stenographer Whitney Kumar and bailiff Kevin Rasco, a former probation officer who’s worked with Sheindlin for a number of years.

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“Whitney turned out to be a truly wonderful find. She’s talented and pleasant to look at and she’s got an upbeat personality and is so happy to be involved in a new adventure. She’s married with a couple of kids and has a lovely husband,” Sheindlin said. “Kevin has been my security for years — every morning he came out and looked around to make sure there were no miscreants floating around who wanted to hurt me — and he’s a joy to be around.

Where You Can Watch Judy Justice

All episodes of Judy Justice are exclusively available on Amazon Freevee, a free ad-supported streaming app, which Amazon Prime Subscribers can access on the Amazon Prime Video app. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can download the Amazon Freevee app and use either an IMDb account login or a regular Amazon login to access Amazon Freevee.

You can access Prime Video for $8.99 per month, but that only includes access to prime video. You do not get shipping, deals, music, storage, and other benefits. When you take the yearly price of Prime, it amounts to $9.92 per month. Therefore, those added Prime perks will cost you less than $1 per month. We are all constrained by budgets, but if you are going to sign up for Prime, you will likely make up the $11 per year in shipping costs and other Prime benefits. You can sign up for Amazon Prime with this free trial link.

Judge Judy on Amazon Prime


A New Series From Judge Judy is Coming to Amazon Freevee This June

Amazon Freevee announced Monday it is renewing the Daytime Emmy award-winning series Judy Justice for another two seasons. Freevee also gave the green light to a brand new courtroom docudrama series created and featuring Judy Sheindlin, Justice on Trial. Along with Tribunal Justice, the trifecta will comprise the new Justice brand set to premiere on June 9th, 2023.

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Judge Sheindlin shared her excitement over the renewal.

“How shall I describe my feelings about the renewal of Judy Justice on Amazon Freevee? Gratifying, certainly. Grateful, of course. In exploring the continued success of the program, I do believe that people long to see old-fashion justice administered with an even hand. A little humor doesn’t hurt. I intend to deliver both for as long as I’m able.”

Judy Justice has amassed a mighty following, quickly becoming Freevee’s most-watched original program clocking in at over 150 million hours since premiering in November of 2021. The first season won the Daytime Emmy Award for Legal/Courtroom Program and the second season was recently nominated for it again this year.

Judge Judy Sheindlin says, “Justice on Trial explores, through reenactment, some of the most famous and infamous cases in this country and their impact on every American. There has never been a program like it. It is smart and compelling TV.

Justice on Trial promises to be a “totally new exploration of the American justice system” docudrama covering topics such as “what children are taught in school, police diligence as opposed to overreach, and individual rights versus the greater good” through courtroom debate, lively civil discourse, and common-sense analysis.

“Over the course of two seasons on Amazon Freevee, Judge Sheindlin has delighted her long-standing fans and won over a new streaming audience with her no-nonsense approach to resolving every dispute on Judy Justice. With Justice on Trial, we look forward to offering our audience new opportunities to learn more about the legal process and the laws that govern our lives, as Judge Sheindlin goes beyond the bench to educate us all on landmark cases that have shifted our world,” says Head of AVOD Originals Lauren Anderson.

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Amazon Freevee is an ad-supported streaming service providing thousands of premium movies and TV series as well as original programming. New episodes of Judy Justice run every weekday and are also available on demand.

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Judge Judy on Amazon Prime

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