When does Amazon charge your card? What is this Amazon?

When does Amazon charge your card? Amazon is a global e-commerce leader and the second-largest private employer in the United States. Amazon will have the highest global brand valuation by 2020. The company deals with millions of deliveries every day to more than 100 countries.

When ordering items on Amazon, you have different setup options such as pre-orders, Subscribe and Save, backorders, and Amazon Prime membership fees.

You may be wondering when Amazon will charge you for your order or when you are charged for any of these options. Here’s all you need to know.

When does Amazon charge your card?

Amazon won’t charge you right away after making a purchase. By using a credit or debit card, you’ll be charged when the shipping process starts. However, depending on the retailer, Amazon Marketplace third-party sellers may charge you either right after making a purchase or when it’s ready to ship.

If you make purchases from Amazon Basics or Amazon Fresh grocery delivery, your card will only be charged when the order proceeds to the shipping stage. Depending on your order and the time it requires, you may be charged just before or right after it actually ships.

Amazon marketplace carries a lot of orders, and thanks to efficient warehousing around the country, many of them are fulfilled quickly.

If you want your package to be delivered within a few days, you need to select a short delivery timeframe. This will also mean that your card will be charged not long after you checkout because the shipping process will begin rather quickly.

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Amazon sends an email notification for Amazon Subscribe and Save or back-ordered products. You’ll be notified within several days before shipping and charged once the boxes are on their way.

Keep in mind that ordering direct Amazon products and Marketplace goods are not the same thing.

If Amazon itself sells the item, your card won’t be charged until the shipping process begins. But if you purchase the item from the marketplace third-party sellers, they may charge you right after checkout. Some third-party sellers, however, don’t charge before the item enters the shipping stage. This minimizes unfulfilled orders and refund issues.

Amazon charge your card

Does Amazon Charge Before Shipping?

Just like many retail companies, Amazon charges for orders a few days before shipping or as soon as the order ships.

The reason why a lot of e-retailers wait to charge until the parcel is close to shipping or already shipped is that The Federal Trade Commission has strict regulations for credit card issuers and merchants. The FTC considers it illegal for companies to charge before a package is shipped.

According to the rules, there’s a timeframe within which the order should be sent, and if it’s not, then the merchant is required to notify shoppers that the shipping date has been updated and offer the option to either accept the new package arrival date or cancel the order and get a full refund.

In order to avoid all the inconveniences, Amazon usually waits to charge the customers until the shipping process begins, unless there’s a third-party involved.

However, many Amazon third-party sellers have their own policies concerning the charging process, and most of them charge the shoppers during the checkout.

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When Am I Charged For Amazon Prime?

If you are using Amazon Prime, you can be charged either monthly or annually, depending on what plan you choose during the sign-up.

As you start using Amazon Prime, your card is charged while the sign-up is being confirmed. After that, you can see in Prime settings when your next payment is due.

You will need to make your payments on time since, in the Amazon Prime terms and conditions, customers agree to pay their membership fees on the determined month or yearly date.

If you want to cancel your Prime membership, make sure you do so before the next charge. If you don’t, it’ll be problematic to get a refund, especially if you have made Prime purchases after the charge.

Also, Amazon Prime offers the end membership option for members who haven’t used their Prime benefits. They can opt for a full refund of the current membership cost. Keep in mind that it only applies if you haven’t bought anything using Prime membership or haven’t used

your digital subscription services since the charge date.

You can also pause your Prime membership instead of cancelling it for good. Pausing means that you can’t use the perks of the membership, but you can revert it at any time. Another benefit of pausing the Prime membership is that you’ll still have limitless storage for your photos when you have Prime if you use Amazon photos.

Pausing your membership as opposed to cancelling permits your photos to be where you left them once you resume your membership.

A useful thing would be to put the Amazon Prime charge date in your calendar so that you can be on track with your payments. You can also check for emails from Amazon that will notify you when the charge date is close.

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Amazon charge your card

When Does Amazon Charge Preorders?

Amazon pre-orders are popular items that haven’t been released yet, but they are in demand by the customers. The most popular things to be pre-ordered on Amazon include video games, gaming consoles, tech products, and books.

Pre-ordering something gives you the benefit of skipping the long waiting after the item is released. You will get in line to collect the product once released, but when exactly you’ll be charged will depend on the item itself.

If you pre-order something on Amazon, you won’t be charged immediately but rather a few days before the release date when the shipping process starts.

On your orders tab, you can see when your card is charged as well as keep track of your pre-orders. When you monitor the shipping status, it’ll be easier for you to figure out when you’ll be charged.

It works the same way when you order any item on backorder from Amazon. You’ll be charged when the item ships. If the seller doesn’t have a particular item in stock, they are allowed to list it as long as it will be back in stock in under 30 days. The item will show up when you have to buy it if it’s on backorder.

Pre-order And Amazon Purchase: What’s The Difference?

When you pre-order something, you will not get it right away because the item hasn’t been released yet. However, if you pre-order something, you will get the benefit of collecting the product once it’s released getting a minimal cost.

Amazon charge your card

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