Does Amazon sell real jordans? What is this Amazon about?

Does Amazon sell real jordans? When the first Air Jordans debuted in 1984, they broke outside more traditional designs (basketball shoes up to this point were primarily white) and caused the NBA to react sharply. Early bold colorways were viewed as a distraction during the game and the NBA banned them, and imposed a $5,000 penalty on Michael Jordan each time he stepped on the court wearing them. Even in the face of backlash, Jordan continued to showcase the sneakers, an act of defiance that only added to the shoe’s value when they hit retail the following year.

“Before Jordan, sneakers were just for playing basketball. All of a sudden, sneakers became fashion and culture,” noted journalist and editor Roy S. Johnson in ESPN’s The Last Dance, a documentary that outlined the success of the basketball player and his rise to fame

Does Amazon sell real jordans?

The pursuit of a star athlete’s endorsement by a sports footwear company may not sound like the most fertile ground for a movie.

Nevertheless, thanks to a charming script by first-time screenwriter Alex Convery and some intelligent, actor-friendly direction from Ben Affleck, Air—now on Amazon Prime—makes the story of Nike’s efforts to sign a young Michael Jordan into popcorn-friendly entertainment. Like Moneyball, another sports story where the action takes place more in back offices than on the field or court, it’s the story of a mid-level underdog who champions an innovative idea that puts not only his own career but the fortunes of the whole company at risk.

One scene early in the film establishes the character of basketball talent scout Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon, in everyman mode): Stopping off in Las Vegas on the way back from a scouting trip, he’s amassed a healthy-looking pile of chips at the roulette table, but rather than walk away with his winnings, he puts them all on one final spin of the wheel, with predictable results.

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Amazon sell real jordans

Can an Independent Seller Sell Nike on Amazon?

Before moving to our primary topic of discussion, it is imperative to clear the air about this question. Many people remain confused about the fate of selling Nike on Amazon after the apparel and footwear giant ended its partnership with Amazon after a bumpy ride of two years in 2019.

The short answer is, yes, independent/individual/third-party sellers can sell Nike on Amazon. However, you have to take care of the conditions Amazon requires sellers to fulfill if they want to sell third-party brands. The following section will cover those requirements.

How to Get Approved to Sell Nike on Amazon—a Step-by-Step Guide

You can’t just pick a Nike product and list it on Amazon to sell it. Nike is one of those brands with the “restricted” or “gated” status on Amazon. So if you want to sell Nike on Amazon, you will have to apply for it first. Once you get approved, then only you can list it and sell it as a third-party seller. Let’s look at the steps on how you can get approved to sell Nike on Amazon.

Search the ASIN of Nike Products You Want to Sell

If you want to sell Nike on Amazon, you’ll have to start your search from Amazon’s marketplace. First, look for the Nike products you may source to sell on the platform. Next, retrieve their ASINs and then use your Professional Seller Central Account to start the approval process. We will use an example to explain the process.

  • Suppose you want to sell Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes on Amazon. Search for it on Amazon and get its ASIN from the Product details section of its listing.
  • Then, open the Add a Product page from the Inventory section on your Seller Account, put the retrieved ASIN in the search bar, and press enter.
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Apply to Sell

The ASIN search will lead you to the below page. First, select the condition of the product (collectible, refurbished, used, or new). As soon as you choose the product condition, the Apply to sell button will turn green. The Show limitations drop-down (below Apply to sell button) informs you that you can only sell this product in a brand-new condition.

  • After clicking on the Apply to sell button, you will end up on the below page. Next, click on the Request approval.
  • Upon clicking Request approval, this window will open.

Amazon requires you to either submit an invoice of your wholesale purchase from the manufacturer or distributor or a letter from the brand (Nike) that authorizes you to sell their products. You need to submit only ONE of those documents.

First, let’s discuss the second option.

Amazon sell real jordans

Disadvantages of Selling Third-Party Brands on Amazon

Selling third-party brands (also known as Amazon wholesaling) is an established norm on the platform. Selling well-established brands with solid goodwill does have its benefits. To begin with, you don’t have to promote aggressively and earn customers’ trust. The brand name will do that for you. Also, it remains relatively easy to scale up and down your venture when you sell other brands.

Having said that, selling brands like Nike on Amazon is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially if you are a new seller, you may want to reconsider selling Nike or any other big brand on Amazon for these reasons.

Extremely Tough Competition

Nike and other huge brands on Amazon operate in a very tough space. There are dozens and sometimes hundreds of sellers competing against each other to win the Buy Box for the same product. On top of that, you can’t do much to stay ahead of other sellers since all of you are offering the same product at more or less same prices.

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It is Amazon’s decision to assign the Buy Box to a seller while considering various things (account’s health, the price offered, etc). As a seller, you can’t directly influence that decision in any way.

All these factors leave you in a tricky space where you can’t dictate the terms and drive your sales in line with your targeted revenue.

Low Margins

You are not fully in control of product prices while selling brands that are already in the market and sold by multiple sellers on Amazon as well as other channels. Particularly on Amazon, sellers keep the price of branded products low in an attempt to win the Buy Box.

Therefore, you will have to stick to somewhat “predefined” margins and pray that a high sales volume can make up for thin margins.

Sourcing Issues

Sourcing Nike or any other well-reputed branded products is no mean feat. As mentioned earlier, Nike doesn’t partner with Amazon sellers anymore, and you can’t buy retail Nike products and sell them on Amazon (since you need to show proof of wholesale purchase).

It means you will have to find distributors that provide Nike products and whose invoices can be accepted by Amazon. All these added steps in sourcing a product become quite thorny, particularly when you want to streamline your supply-chain regimen.

No Brand Growth and Long-Term Prospects

While selling other brands, you can’t build your own name and brand. It is simple as that. Often, buyers don’t even look at the seller’s name while shopping for famous branded products on Amazon. If you want to make selling on Amazon a viable, long-term business, you shouldn’t sell other brands. Instead, launch your own that is commonly known as a private label on Amazon.

Amazon sell real jordans

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