Is Evil Dead Rise on Amazon Prime? What is this Evil about?

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The Evil Dead franchise is one of the most revered horror properties of all time, mixing gory mayhem with campy humor in varying degrees over its five films that began in 1981 with Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. It continues with the most recent installment in the franchise, 2023’s Evil Dead Rise. Released in theaters on April 21, Evil Dead Rise is now available to stream at home via Amazon Prime Video.

The horror film was mostly a hit with critics, tallying a respectable 69 metascore on Metacritic, and fans came out to watch. The movie has grossed $115 million as of early May, making it the most financially successful movie in the franchise.

Is Evil Dead Rise on Amazon Prime?

Evil Dead Rise is just one of the big releases streaming on Prime Video this week. Get ready for something that suits all interests.

We may be closing in on the end of the month, but that doesn’t mean Amazon is slowing down with content. Its streaming platform has something for everyone throughout this week.

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One of the notable releases is the horror movie Evil Dead Rise. It’s a continuation of the franchise that remains popular with fans. This movie was a little hit or miss with fans, but it’s part of your subscription, so why not see for yourself?

You can check out the movie on Thursday, Nov. 23. Yes, your Thanksgiving plans are sorted if you’re not in the mood for football.

Evil Dead Rise on Amazon Prime

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Evil Dead Rise on Amazon Prime

Is Evil Dead Rise available to watch via streaming on Max?

An Evil Dead Rise Max release date is anticipated for June 2023.

Following the typical 45-day gap between theatrical and on-demand releases that Warner Bros. movies generally follow, Evil Dead Rise is expected to launch around June 5.

If you have an active Max subscription during June, you should expect to be able to stream Evil Dead Rise at the beginning of the month.

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Is Evil Dead Rise available to watch via streaming on Netflix?

An Evil Dead Rise Netflix release date has yet to be confirmed. First, it will go to Max.

While Evil Dead Rise may eventually come to Netflix after an exclusive period on Max, no official release date has been confirmed. Therefore, Netflix subscribers who are desperate to watch the new Evil Dead movie should consider either a trial or a month’s subscription. Alternatively, waiting it out for a Netflix release should eventually be fruitful.

Is Evil Dead Rise available to watch via streaming on Prime Video?

Evil Dead Rise is now available to watch on Prime Video through purchasing or rental.

There isn’t yet any news of when Amazon Prime subscribers can get free access to Evil Dead Rise. For now, it costs a premium to either rent it or buy it.

For more Evil Dead Rise content, here are four sequel ideas that the director has shared. And here’s how Evil Dead Rise did at the box office.

Evil Dead Rise on Amazon Prime

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