What did it sell for on eBay? What is this eBay about?

What did it sell for on eBay? Whether you just started creating an eBay store or have been on this marketplace for a while, seeing the sales history of an item is crucial. It will help you make an informed decision about your price and optimize your listing to boost your eBay sales. But you still don’t know how to see sold items on eBay. Don’t worry!

What did it sell for on eBay?

Do you mainly use the eBay mobile app? Or you may want to know how to search eBay sold items on the app while your laptop is not with you.

This guide below will help you easily use filters to see recently sold items on eBay app. To view sold items right on your phone, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. First, search for the keyword related to the item you’re interested in.
  2. Tap on the Filter option, scroll down, and choose Sold items from the list of filters.
  3. Finally, tap Show results to see the filtered sold items.

By following these simple instructions on how to check sold items on eBay, you’re able to browse the sold listings on your mobile device effortlessly.

 it sell for on eBay

Why Should Sellers See eBay Sold Items?

Before delving into how to see sold items on eBay, let’s explore how the eBay sales history can help sellers increase their sales.

  • Conduct product research: One of the most compelling reasons for sellers to explore eBay sold items is the sales data it provides. You can identify if that product is in high demand or worth selling by checking its billing date and the number of sold items.
  • Price your product properly: By looking at the prices of similar items sold, you can understand how much buyers are willing to pay.
  • After calculating the eBay selling fee, setting the right price on eBay helps you avoid pricing your items too high or too low, which might turn off potential buyers or miss out on profits.
  • Set Free Shipping: Free shipping can make your listings more competitive. By learning how to search sold items on eBay and checking them, you can see if free shipping played a role in successful sales. If it did, consider adjusting your price and offering free shipping.
  • Optimize your listing: You can learn how to create and optimize your listing by analyzing the strategies used in eBay sold listings. Look for how your competitors write product titles and use pictures. Besides, you can examine the listing method used for a product to determine whether eBay Auction or Buy It Now is more suitable for your item. Creating an appealing listing will increase your chances of attracting buyers.
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Now that you have understood the benefits of checking sold items. Let’s explore how to access them on different devices.

Tips for Comprehensive Research Beyond Seeing Sold Items on eBay

Beyond simply viewing how to see sold items on eBay, you should check unsold and current listings to have a complete market picture. That will help you make a more informed decision when you launch a new product or improve your current listing on this one of the best online marketplaces in the world.

Check unsold listings

Learning how to search sold items on eBay and analyzing their data is crucial. However, don’t forget to check unsold listings. You can learn about product demand, pricing competitiveness, and how to improve your listings by analyzing unsold listings. When reviewing unsold listings, consider the following:

  • Product demanding: Check which items or product designs have remained unsold. This can help you avoid producing products with limited demand.
  • Pricing comparison: By comparing prices of unsold items with similar sold ones, you can identify if their price was too high. This action will help you to find the right price range for your listings.
  • Listing optimization: Evaluate the item’s title, description, images, and details. This helps you identify areas for improvement in your listings and avoid listing mistakes.
  • To see the unsold listings, you will access them by using the eBay Completed Items (previously Completed Listings). You can easily see the

Completed Items filter right above the Sold Items filter. Green prices indicate sold items in these completed listings, while black prices represent unsold items.

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it sell for on eBay

Don’t forget current listings

While looking at sold and unsold listings gives you eBay sales history, it’s equally important to monitor current listings. Keeping an eye on active listings provides valuable insights into real-time market dynamics and trends. When analyzing current listings, consider the following aspects:

  • Pricing strategies: Pay attention to how sellers price items, especially those with similar features or conditions. This information helps you set competitive prices for your listings.
  • Listing quality: Evaluate the overall quality of listings, including images, descriptions, and other relevant details. Analyzing well-optimized listings can give you ideas for improving and making your listings stand out.
  • Popular categories and trends: Identify high-demand categories or trending products. This knowledge enables you to identify profitable niches or adjust your product offerings accordingly.

How to See Sold Items on eBay over 90 Days

However, when you use Advanced Search or filters to search for an eBay sold item, please note that the information available is limited to the past 90 days. To access sold items older than 90 days, you can use eBay Terapeak. Terapeak is an insights tool that eBay provides for market analysis. One of the benefits of having an eBay store is that you can easily access this research tool in the Research tab on your Seller Hub dashboard.

eBay Terapeak offers two tools: the Terapeak Product Research and the Terapeak Sourcing Insights tool. While the Terapeak Product Research tool is free for all sellers, the Terapeak Sourcing Insights tool is free only with a Basic, Premium, Anchor, or Enterprise Store subscription.

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With eBay Terapeak, you can gain valuable insights into past sales data and analyze trends up to the past 2 years. Moreover, eBay Terapeak provides various calculated metrics based on real-time, such as sell-through rate, monthly sale volumes of a category, and eBay sold price. Furthermore, you also search for the data of the best-selling products on eBay to determine if you can jump into those potential markets.

 it sell for on eBay

Above is information about What did it sell for on eBay? What is this eBay about? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of it sell for on eBay. Thank you for reading our post.

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