How to sell books on eBay? What is this sell books on eBay?

How to sell books on eBay? I love selling books on eBay. First, it gets them out of my house. Second, I like turning my old stuff into money. And third, it’s so easy!

If you have never sold a book on eBay, I highly recommend it. eBay (as a minimalizing technique) can be very time-consuming. Taking pictures, writing descriptions, and shipping packages tend to be a hassle for only a $4 profit. But eBay eliminates nearly all the time-consuming hassle when it comes to books.

How to sell books on eBay?

If you want to learn how to sell books on eBay, the first thing you need to know is that it’s easier than you expect. eBay has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to create a listing in 10 minutes or less.

This guide will walk you through each of the steps for selling used books on eBay. You’re also going to learn tips for selling books on eBay, where to find books to sell, and which are the best books to sell on eBay.

Here’s your quick, step-by-step guide to selling books on eBay:

sell books on eBay

Install the eBay app

The best way to sell books on eBay is through the eBay app because you can easily scan barcodes and take pictures of the books you’re selling. You can use the regular eBay website, but the app is just so much easier to use.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign in.

If you don’t have an eBay account yet, it’s free and very easy to set up. You’ll have to choose between a personal or business account. You can sell through either, but business accounts are for people selling large numbers of items and are not necessary when you’re learning how to sell books on eBay.

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Search on eBay for the book you want to sell

There is a really great feature on eBay where you can scan in the book’s barcode and automatically create your listing from there, but veteran sellers recommend doing a little research first to see if the book is worth your time to sell.

Here’s the easiest way to search:

In the search bar at the top of the screen, click on the camera icon.

It will pull up your phone’s camera (you may be asked to give the app access to your camera and photo library) and you’ll see a little barcode icon pop up. Click on the barcode icon.

Then use it to scan the barcode on the back of the book you want to sell. It will immediately pull up a list of matching listings.

The first listings will all be sponsored, but once you start scrolling, you’ll see a little blue icon pop up at the bottom of the screen that says “Sort” and “Filter.” Click on the “Filter” button.

There are a bunch of different filters, and towards the bottom of the list you will see “Completed Items.” Switch on that filter. This narrows your search down significantly and gives you a much better idea of how the book is selling and for how much. It took my search from 76 items down to 11.

Pay attention to whether or not the book is selling for a decent price and selling at all. Some sellers feel that a book selling under $1 means it isn’t worth their time, and that’s true if the book costs $1 to buy at Goodwill.

If you’re happy with the results, move on to the next step.

sell books on eBay

How to find the best books to sell on eBay

A common question that we have from users is how to find the best products to sell in a particular industry, as well as if they should sell new or used products. To answer this, we are going to go ahead and do some research using the ZIK Analytics category research tool to know exactly how viable our niche is, and what types of books we should be looking at selling.

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ZIK Analytics is an eBay research tool that allows you to find hot selling products on eBay through their extensive database and proprietary algorithms. If you don’t already have an account, you can go ahead and sign up for a 7 day triall below.

To do this, simply head to the category research tab inside of ZIK, and fill in the required information about your book.

For instance, in our example we specify that we are looking at “used” items and search the “books” category in the category research tool.

When you now click on the search button, you will be presented with some analytics containing the number of listings, sold items, sell-through percentage, and average product price.

You can also see the Google trends graph which shows you how the niche has been trending according to Google Search.

This data will give you an overall trend of the types of books you are looking to sell. We use this as our first point of confirmation to know that the niche we are looking at selling on is viable.

Which types of books sell well on eBay?

Now that we have found the niche to be profitable, our next step is to dig in deeper and look at the individual genres that are selling well. We do this by scrolling down to the list of products in ZIK and opening up the first 3 listings from the most purchased books on eBay.

This list of products gives you various statistics such as the name of eBay seller/s, countries they belong to, their total number of sales, title of their most sold book, number of copies sold for that book, the average selling price of the book for all orders, and the place from which the books were shipped.

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When you open any of these listings, you will be directed to the actual eBay listing where you can further analyze the listing.

From our research, we found that the top 3 books were all “informative” books – such as survival books, textbooks and children’s books. Armed with this information, we can now go ahead and dive deeper using the ZIK Product Research Tool to find specific products to list on eBay.

Finding profitable books to add to your store

From the step above, we know that our 3 focus genres are Survival, Textbooks and Children’s Books. From here, we simply go to the product research tab inside of ZIK Analytics and search for any of the genres above to drill down further and find products to sell. For our example – lets focus on children’s books.

Enter in “Children’s books” inside of the ZIK product research toolbar. You will be presented with the following information.

We can see that the overall statistics for this genre is great! We scroll to the bottom and find which products are selling the most, and we see that interestingly, a box set seems to stand out the most as having great statistics, specifically the box set for “a diary of a wimpy kid”

You now know what books will make you profit and you have also figured out the genre in which you are gonna sell books on eBay. In our example, we are selling the children’s book “Diary of a wimpy kid box set”

Now, our next step is to find out where we are going to source the product.

Below, we will cover three basic ways in which you can procure stuff to sell for your eBay store. They are selling pre-owned goods, dropshipping, or real arbitrage.

sell books on eBay

Above is information about How to sell books on eBay? What is this sell books on eBay? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of sell books on eBay. Thank you for reading our post.

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