What is Amazon Associates? How is this Amazon Associates?

What is Amazon Associates? Amazon associates are individuals or businesses that have signed up with Amazon to promote the company’s products and make some money in the process. Amazon associates are paid when customers click and make purchases through affiliate links.

A rising number of people seek to master the basics of Amazon affiliate marketing to make money from home or anywhere they are. However, starting an Amazon affiliate marketing campaign may not be that straightforward. This guide will help you know all about Amazon affiliate marketing and how you can get started.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates has been around since 1996. As one of the first affiliate marketing programs to launch on the internet, Amazon Associates dominates the affiliate marketing sector, with a 50% market share.

Amazon Associates is an excellent option for content creators, bloggers, and marketers who want to monetize customers’ visits to their pages by advertising Amazon products. All that is required of you is to complete the registration form. Suppose a visitor clicks on an Amazon link and purchases an item after, then you will get a commission. Commissions range from 1% to 20%, depending on the sold product.

Amazon Associates

How Does the Amazon Associates Program Work?

As a participant in this program, you will have the ability to monetize your traffic and earn associate commissions. The moment you sign up for the Amazon Associates program, a unique product link is assigned to your account, which you may then use to advertise Amazon products on your website.

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After clicking on the link, customers are sent to Amazon’s website. If they purchase within the next 24 hours, you will receive a certain amount of the purchase.

The commission you receive as an Amazon associate is based on the price and kind of product you are promoting. But the amount of money you make as an associate isn’t only determined by your commission rate. Another element to consider is how many of your website’s visitors convert into paying customers.

Amazon Affiliate Program Rules and Requirements

Before you sign up to become an Amazon Associate, you should be informed of the guidelines that the company has established for its affiliates. To help you out, here are some pointers:

Include a clear statement that you are an Amazon affiliate

Affiliates of Amazon Associates need to make this information publicly available. The Federal Trade Commission requires affiliate marketers to clearly disclose their relationship to the retailer—in this case, Amazon. The disclaimer should be simple to read and comprehensible to everyone.

Three sales in the first six months are required to keep your account active

To become an Amazon affiliate, you must have a continuous traffic flow to your website. This might be challenging for some affiliates. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t use your affiliate link to place orders. Doing so violates Amazon’s terms and might lead to account suspension.

Avoid cloaking Amazon affiliate links

Link masking is not permitted by Amazon since the company emphasizes transparency. So avoid relying on URL shortening services. Moreover, if you’re leveraging a third-party plugin to insert your affiliate links automatically, make sure to disable cloaking in the settings.

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Avoid mentioning product prices

Amazon does not allow promotional items to have detailed pricing information. It doesn’t want affiliates to relay incorrect information because prices often fluctuate unwittingly.

So avoid including the current or specific pricing of the product. What you can do is provide a call to action, which says “Check on Amazon now.” This helps encourage your site visitors to click on the link itself. Alternatively, you may utilize the Amazon Associates API, which automatically adjusts the price of your product whenever it changes on Amazon in real-time.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Program Requirements and Rules

Being an Amazon Associate is a great way to monetize passion projects or make supplemental income from your brand. However, Amazon has requirements for associates to follow once you are accepted into the affiliate program, so it’s best to understand those before you dive in.

After you sign up, you’ll need to think about the requirements for the application review process. Amazon requires new affiliates to make a minimum of three sales during their first 180 days. If you fail to do this, your account will be closed. However, you can reapply for the Amazon Associate program after you’ve made adjustments to your site.

The Associates team also reviews websites, mobile apps, and social network accounts. They’re looking for consistent, fresh, and original content that brings value to Amazon customers.

Other requirements are in place for ethical promotion as well as preventing associates from gaming the system. Noncompliance may result in being banned from the program. Here are some of the big ones to keep in mind:

  • You must disclose on your site or in your communication that you may be eligible to earn from your recommendations.
  • You must not make false or deceptive claims in your recommendations.
  • Your website must not contain unsuitable, explicit, or harmful content.
  • Avoid referring to prices (with some exceptions) since prices frequently change.
  • Do not use Amazon affiliate links in offline promotions, eBooks, or email.
  • Do not use link shorteners on affiliate links.
  • Do not use unapproved Amazon trademarked materials that may misrepresent your relationship with Amazon.
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You can read Amazon’s full policy here. It’s also a good idea to review the operating agreement for associates for other requirements.

Note: Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the most popular programs. As of 2021, it’s the top affiliate marketing network in the world, with over 900,000 affiliates. But it isn’t the only one. There are other affiliate programs out there that are worth trying if you don’t qualify to become an Amazon Associate.

How long does the Amazon Affiliate cookie last?

The Amazon Affiliate cookie lasts for 24 hours after a website visitor clicks on the affiliate link. The cookie stays in their browser for that entire length of time. That way, if they check out at any time in those 24 hours, the purchase will be credited to you.

The Amazon Affiliate cookie is just one of the ways that the Amazon Affiliate program can help you make money. But first, you must get visitors to click on the link — and to do that, you need visitors in the first place.

Amazon Associates

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