What is The Twitter birds name? What is this Twitter about?

What is The Twitter birds name? Twitter was launched in 2006. But there still are many people who do not know that its logo — a bird — has a name. It’s Larry T Bird. The inspiration behind the name was Larry Bird, the basketball legend who was in Mumbai recently for the NBA games. Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder, is from Boston. And Boston means Boston Celtics and Larry Bird. Stone is on record saying the logo was named after the sporting idol.

What is The Twitter birds name?

While the Larry name at Twitter offers a nod to a co-founder’s hometown hero, it also could represent the social platform’s goal of maintaining a championship pedigree in the tech world each year. Larry Bird was the NBA’s rookie of the year in 1980. Twenty-six years later, Twitter jumped from 20,000 Tweets per month in 2006 to over 400,000 Tweets per month in 2007. An impressive showing by a rookie in the new expansion league of social media.

In 1992, Larry Bird won a gold medal with USA’s ‘dream team’ at the summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. Just eighteen years later at the Vancouver winter Olympics, Twitter would begin its contributions of offering live updates to all competitions, working with the international Olympic committee (IOC) to set guidelines for athletics fans around the world to interact with one another during the games.

Last but not least, Larry Bird ended his playing career in 1992, but came back to coach in the NBA for four years in the late nineties. While Twitter has been a major team player in social media since 2007, it has now grown to such a global level that its platform helps guide and influence a generation. Its employees have recognized this and have tried their best to use the platform for good, to battle hate speech, and to lead by example through remaining transparent, much like a successful coach.

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The Twitter birds name

The Twitter logo today: The significance of the golden ratio

One of the central purposes of the company was, and is, to give users the freedom to share their concerns and ideas. To commemorate this, the bird is directed upward to symbolize freedom and hope, with the blue color also associated with freedom and unity.

The Twitter logo golden ratio consisted of 15 circles layered on top of each other. This improved the idea of rounded corners, which has been a part of every Twitter logo since the first one in 2005.

The design was created by Martin Grasser, who had just graduated from the Art Center College of Design. Grasser built thousands of bird designs before creating 24, which Dorsey chose from.

The chosen design is built out of perfect circles, a technique previously used by Apple, Pepsi, and iCloud. To make it even more perfect and visually satisfying, the proportions between the bigger and smaller circles are close to the golden ratio.

But what is the golden ratio?

‍Twitter today: A heated battle for ownership

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced his resignation as CEO of the social media business in November 2021. Twitter’s chief technology officer, Parag Agrawal, would take over as CEO.

“I’ve decided to leave Twitter because I believe the company is ready to move on from its founders,” Dorsey stated in a statement, though he didn’t go into further explanation.

Dorsey stated in a tweet that Agrawal had been his pick to lead the firm for some time, given how deeply he understands the company and its needs.

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Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, agreed to buy Twitter for almost $44 billion on Monday. This agreement would take effect in April 2022, giving him control of the prominent social network used by world leaders, celebrities, and cultural influencers.

But the tides turned quickly.

In July 2022, Musk, owner of the Tesla brand, announced to Twitter that the deal to purchase the company for $54.20 per share was off because, in his view, Twitter had broken the terms of the agreement. Since then, Musk and Twitter have filed lawsuits against one another, with Twitter asking a Delaware Court of Chancery judge to compel Musk to consummate the deal.

A five-day trial is scheduled to begin on October 17, 2022.

Due to their shared belief that Twitter’s algorithm needs to be more transparent and users should have more control over the material they see, Dorsey endorsed Musk’s takeover offer for the company.

That is, until Musk made the decision to subpoena Dorsey for any documents pertaining to the acquisition agreement signed in April, including material pertaining to fraudulent or spam accounts or the methodology used by Twitter to determine the number of active users.

It’s difficult to say what knowledge Dorsey possesses that Musk could not access just by texting him. With billions of dollars on the line, Musk’s legal team is pulling out all the stops to back up his admittedly weak claim that the company is lying about how many bots and spammers are among its daily active users.

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The Twitter birds name

Musk officially takes hold of Twitter

Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter is now complete. ‘The bird is freed,’ he wrote on Twitter, followed by, ‘let the good times roll.’

Parag Agrawal, the company’s CEO, was reportedly among the laid-off executives. They escorted Agrawal and two other executive officers out of Twitter’s headquarters. The agreement’s conclusion ends months of legal disputes, but it raises concerns about the platform’s future.

People on Twitter have been wondering what will happen to the social media site now that Musk owns it. He promised to reinstate banned users, a group that may include former US president Donald Trump. Twitter had warned of a danger Trump posed to the platform by inciting further violent behavior, but Musk called the ban “foolish.”

So as not to turn the site into a “free-for-all hellscape,” he announced the creation of a council to moderate the content on the site.

Concerns have been raised that Musk’s free speech policies are too lax, which could lead to the readmission of users who have been banned for spreading hate speech or false information. In addition, he proposed that users pay $8 monthly for the coveted blue checkmark on Twitter. There was initial pushback against Musk’s intention to charge users $20 per month to verify their accounts.

Musk had previously criticized Twitter’s moderation policies and accused the platform of being biased toward left-wing views, so his takeover of the platform has sparked a firestorm of debate about free speech versus online harm.

The Twitter birds name

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