When is Twitter Blue coming back? What is this Twitter Blue?

When is Twitter Blue coming back? Starting today, we’re re-enabling Twitter Blue sign ups on iOS and web. Twitter Blue subscribers will get access to subscriber-only features* such as Edit Tweet, 1080p video uploads and reader mode. Subscribers will also receive a blue checkmark after their accounts are reviewed to ensure they meet all of our requirements, including our rules against impersonation. Accounts found to be breaking our rules may be suspended without a refund.

Twitter Blue is $8/month on web, and $11/month for those who sign up on iOS. Subscribers who sign up on one platform will have Twitter Blue access on all supported platforms (iOS, Android, and web). Existing Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to upgrade, cancel, or auto-renew their subscription at the new price. Prices may vary by region. We plan to offer subscriptions on Android soon.

Subscribing to Twitter Blue is now available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. We plan to roll out Blue to more countries soon.

Twitter Blue coming back

When is Twitter Blue coming back?

Elon Musk says the new Twitter Blue, which lets you pay $7.99 per month for a blue verification check mark next to your name, will relaunch on November 29th. In a tweet, he said he would be “punting” the relaunch to the new date “to make sure that it is rock solid.”

It’s safe to say that the original Blue launch didn’t go super smoothly. Twitter first started rolling out the new Blue subscription on iOS earlier this month. However, the platform pulled Blue signups a few days later after a wave of fake verified accounts popped up on the platform.

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The mayhem resulted in a fake Nintendo account that posted an image of Mario flipping the bird and another account impersonating the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, which posted a tweet saying that insulin is now free.

The chaos has led to a number of companies suspending advertisements on the platform, including General Motors, General Mills, Audi, Volkswagen, and several others. One of the world’s largest advertising companies, Omnicom Media Group, has also paused ads on Twitter.

With the relaunched Blue, Musk says that changing your “verified name” will cause you to lose your check mark until that name is confirmed by Twitter. But after laying off half the company, thousands of contract workers, and firing some dissenting employees, there may not be many people left to actually do those confirmations.

The brief history of Twitter Blue

Charging for Twitter verification provides both additional revenue to Twitter and a way for Musk to show his disdain for government agencies, journalists and others. Yet building a replacement for the legacy verification program has proved to be fraught.

Twitter Blue first launched in the pre-Musk days of 2021, as a subscription service offering “power features” like undoing a tweet and saving bookmarks to folders. Musk relaunched the program in November 2022, including a blue checkmark in the features for paying users.

Immediately the program was flooded with users who paid for counterfeit accounts pretending to be users such as former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, LeBron James and Nintendo.

Before being suspended, the impostor Nintendo account tweeted an image of video game character Mario giving the viewer the middle finger. The LeBron James account falsely claimed the athlete had requested a trade. The fake Trump account tweeted, “This is why Elon Musk’s plan doesn’t work.”

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Musk pulled the Twitter Blue program for a few weeks and relaunched it yet again in December, with additional steps for reviewing and approving subscribers. Beyond the checkmark, Blue also lets paying users edit a tweet up to 5 times within 30 minutes, create tweets up to 4,000 characters long and post HD videos.

The company also says Twitter Blue users will see 50% fewer ads in their home timelines, and that their tweets will be prioritized among replies, mentions and searches.

Pedestrians pass in front of Twitter Inc. headquarters in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018.

Twitter Blue coming back

Twitter Blue to relaunch with actual verification process, higher price for Apple users

Twitter has updated its terms to specify that users will need to verify their phone numbers before purchasing the Twitter Blue subscription. What’s more, they can’t change their username, display name and profile picture seven days prior to buying the plan.

Twitter is officially bringing back the Twitter Blue subscription Monday, starting in five countries before rapidly expanding to others, according to Esther Crawford, director of product management at Twitter. Web sign-ups will cost $8 per month and iOS sign ups will cost $11 per month for “access to subscriber-only features, including the blue checkmark,” per a tweet from the company account.

Android users can purchase on the web and use their subscription on their phones, said Crawford. The higher cost for iOS sign ups might be a move by Twitter to offset the cost of Apple’s 30% commission for in-app purchased subscriptions, or simply to deter users from subscribing through the Apple Store at all, following a Twitter storm from an angry Elon Musk over allegations that Apple was cutting advertising on the platform.

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With the relaunch of Twitter’s subscription offering, the social media platform will further color-code timelines by introducing gold checkmarks for businesses and, soon, gray checkmarks for government and “multilateral accounts,” whatever those are.

“Businesses who previously had relationships with Twitter will receive goldchecks on Monday,” tweeted Crawford. “We will soon open this up to more businesses via a new process.”

Because Twitter is still really testing this feature out, the company warned that subscribers who change their handle, display name or profile photo will temporarily lose the blue checkmark until their account is reviewed again.

Subscribers will be able to edit their tweets, upload 1080p videos and have access to reader mode, alongside their blue checkmarks, the company said. They’ll also have their tweets “rocketed” to the top of replies, mentions and search and will be spammed with 50% fewer ads.

Twitter Blue coming back

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