How to block eBay buyer? Provide great customer service?

How to block eBay buyer? Provide great customer service? Most of the time, eBay merchants have positive experiences and are incredibly grateful for their customers. But sometimes eBay sellers come across nefarious buyers who, at best, simply waste time and, at worst, attempt to make fraudulent transactions. For situations like these, here’s how to block buyers on eBay.

How to block eBay buyer?

Once you decide to block a buyer, you will need the buyer’s eBay user ID or email address to initiate the block. Simply follow these easy steps once the buyer’s info is in hand.

Step 1: Go to the block bidders page

After logging into your merchant account, go to the ‘Block bidders or buyers from your listings’ page.

If you don’t have the link to hand, you can click ‘Help & Contact’ at the top of any eBay page and search ‘Block buyer’. The first link which appears will also bring you to the page you need.

Step 2: Enter the buyer’s username

In the text box, add the user ID or email of any buyer you want to block from your listings. If you’re adding more than one, make sure to separate each of them with a comma.

eBay allows merchants to add up to 5,000 users to this blocklist. Though, hopefully, things will never get quite that bad!

It’s also worth noting that the ‘Restore list’ button above the text box allows sellers to view or restore past versions of your blocked buyers list.

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Step 3: Submit your blocked buyers

When you’ve finished copying in usernames, make sure to click ‘submit’ so the list is saved.

If all the usernames you entered are valid, you’ll see a message like this:

If any of the usernames or emails are invalid, eBay will let you know with a message like this:

When you have blocked a buyer, their name will automatically appear in the text box on the block bidders page – even if once refreshed or visited later. To unblock a buyer, you simply remove them from this list and click ‘Submit’ once again to save the changes.

An optional step: blocking messages

Blocked users are still allowed to message you about a listing. If you decide to change this, you can do so on the buyer requirements page of your eBay account. You’ll find this page under the ‘Site Preferences’ tab in your account.

Check the box that states ‘Don’t allow blocked buyers to contact me’, and you’re set.

Blocked buyers will no longer see the ‘Contact seller’ button on your listings.

One caveat to this is that blocked users will still be able to reach out regarding any past transactions they’ve had with you.

block eBay buyer

Block eBay buyers by setting up requirements

By adding buyer requirements to their eBay store, sellers can outline minimum standards which eBay users must meet before they are allowed to purchase from their store. This can reduce a merchant’s chances of having negative experiences with buyers.

However, you should be cautious when implementing these requirements because they can impact their eBay sales. This function can (and should) be used selectively to create a higher bar of entry to purchasing from you.

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On the Buyer Requirements page, merchants can block buyers who:

  • Have a history of non-payment recorded on their account
  • Have breached other eBay policies in the past
  • Have a low feedback score
  • Are currently winning or have bought 1-100 of your items in the past ten days (you specify the number)
  • Don’t have a PayPal account
  • Have a primary delivery address in an area you don’t ship to

To implement some of these criteria for your eBay store, you can once again head to the Buyer Requirements page. (As we already mentioned above, you can also gain access to this page through the Site Preferences tab in your account.)

Setting up buyer requirements will automatically ban certain buyers, per the parameters set.

block eBay buyer

Use a repricing tool to get more sales on Amazon

When it comes to sealing the deal and making a sale, price is a main deciding factor for many customers. As an Amazon seller, you always want to make sure you’re pricing your products competitively, but equally, you don’t want to lose your margin!

This is something that using repricing software can help with. Repricing software automates the pricing process in real-time, ensuring your prices stay in line with those of competitors, and with market fluctuations, while you get more sales on Amazon.

Repricing software also has many customisable features that allow you to set prices at optimal levels to help drive sales, without compromising profit. It’s worth taking a trial to see how it can help lift your sales.

Get more Amazon reviews

Online reviews are important to spread confidence through word of month and for building credibility for your brand. It’s also a fact that 72% of shoppers won’t buy until they’ve read reviews of a product from people like themselves – people they trust.

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Even a strong product with great marketing behind it still has to overcome the fear of the unknown if there’s no social proof. Plus, positive reviews are a significant factor in deciding which products win the Amazon Buy Box.

Get more Amazon reviews by encouraging feedback from your customers. The best way to do this is by utilizing feedback software to automate the process.

Provide great customer service

Customer service is absolutely essential in eCommerce. Offering top-quality customer service not only adds value, but helps retain customers. A big part of making a sale is assuring the customer that they can trust you to deliver, and that trust is hard earned but easily lost. Providing good eCommerce customer service is critical, and committing to providing great customer service is all the more so!

As an Amazon seller, you need to be on top of your customer service. Responsiveness, a friendly manner and quick and easy resolution processes are all ingredients that make for a winning approach to great customer service.

But it can be confusing trying to streamline it all. Thankfully, there are all sorts of tools available to make this job easier, like helpdesk software to keep all your customer interactions in one place. This helps you to respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries when they come in, so that your customers always know you’ve got their back.

block eBay buyer

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