What does Ratio mean Twitter? What is this Twitter about?

What does Ratio mean Twitter? The word “ratio” may call middle school math class to mind, but what does it mean when “ratio” appears in the comment section on TikTok? Don’t worry: it doesn’t require you to relearn math.

“Ratio” is a term used on social media apps like TikTok and Twitter when the majority of viewers disagree with an opinion. “Ratioing” is a way of disliking a comment or post in the absence of a “dislike” button or “downvoting” function on the app. It may sound confusing, but once you have a handle on this TikTok terminology, you’ll be earning “ratio Ws” in no time (more on that below).

Get ready to add another word to your social media dictionary. Let’s answer the question, “What does ‘ratio’ mean on TikTok?”

Ratio mean Twitter

What does Ratio mean Twitter?

When people want to disagree with a comment on TikTok, they give the comment a thumbs-down, but the app doesn’t display the number of downvotes. So TikTok users have taken matters into their own hands with ratios. Hang on – we’ll explain.

Ratioing actually started on Twitter. When a user is “ratio-ed” on Twitter, it means their Tweet has more replies than likes and retweets. In other words, the comment section performs better than the original content, suggesting more people disagree with the Tweet than support it.

Ratioing on TikTok can mean a few different things:

  • If a video has more comments than likes, this is likely because the majority of viewers don’t agree with its content – meaning it’s been “ratioed.”
  • If a comment challenging a TikTok’s content has more likes than the video itself, it’s a ratio. For example, let’s say a video claiming Hawaiian pizza has the best topping combo has 1,000 likes. If its top comment says “Hawaiian pizza is gross” and it has 10,000 likes, the people have spoken. Sometimes people will simply comment “ratio” to signal they disagree and rack up likes that way.
  • If a reply to a comment has more likes than the original comment, the commenter has been ratioed. Like the above example, the reply may be a counterpoint or the word “ratio.”
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Why is it bad to have more comments than retweets and likes?

By definition, likes indicate that other people view you in a good light. And retweets are generally endorsement too unless you write them sarcastically to present something that’s obviously a weak take. While comments might support a tweet, they also often debate, criticize, upbraid, lampoon, castigate, etc.

A ratio of 0.5 means there’s a balance among comments, likes, and retweets, indicating a tweet that’s pretty solid. In that scenario, most of the comments tend to be favorable, or at least neutral.

The number of comments exceeding retweets and likes indicates that not many people who saw it wanted to endorse or share it with their followers, but people did have something to say about it. People view this in a negative light, more than the comments on a sub-1 ratio tweet.

How To Ratio Someone On Twitter?

Unfortunately, there is no “dislike” button on Twitter. Maybe Elon will add it in the near future, but for now trying to ratio someone is the best way to show your disdain!

In order to ratio someone, simply reply to their tweet with a comment. You might say “Hey, not a huge fan of this post”. You might even just reply with one word…”ratio”. You can also choose to quote reply to the tweet so that more of your followers will see your comment! And if you want to make things even easier you can schedule a tweet using eclincher!

Ratio mean Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ratio mean on TikTok?

When you see a “ratio” on TikTok, it means that your comment has more replies to it than likes. This is used as a way to gauge how much people are enjoying or engaging with your content. In most cases, if you have more comments than likes it means people are NOT happy with your post!

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Is ratio an insult?

Yes, a ratio is usually used in a mocking way on Twitter and other social media. For example, someone might reply to a tweet with “nice ratio” if the person only had a few likes or retweets compared to the number of replies to the tweet. So if someone says “nice ratio”, just know they are poking fun at you!

What does ratio mean Gen Z?

The terms that the Gen Z generation of kids come up with can often be outright confusing. The term ratio, means that a tweet or Tik Tok has more comments on it than it does likes. This is usually a sign that people are not happy with the content.

What does ratio L and W mean on TikTok?

The terms Ratio L and W refer to the success of your post. If you have a great tweet with tons of likes and fewer comments, you would call that a “ratio W”. However, if you have a tweet with more comments than likes, you would call that a “ratio L”.

What is a good Twitter ratio?

A good Twitter following ratio is anything close to 1:1. This means for every 1 person you follow, there is 1 person that follows you, hence the 1:1 ratio. Anything in the range of this 1:1 ratio is great!

What to do next?

Perhaps you’re intentionally trolling. That’s generally not an objective of eClincher customers, but if it’s yours, congratulations, and you should relish the accomplishment. Maybe you can match the achievement of a ratio above 20. eClincher is one of the best social media management tools…but it can’t save you from getting ratioed!

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If you’re unhappy with a high ratio, you can provide your own comments defending your position. This may further inflate the ratio, but at least the comment thread will better present what you have to say and interleave the criticisms. Maybe you’ll even prompt some likes and retweets and get the ratio going in the opposite direction.

Generally, the best practice when experiencing a high ratio is to own up to the controversy. If a mistake was made, or the comments are persuasive, an apology may be appropriate. Some self-deprecation can alleviate tension. And to really persuade followers, including the commenters, that you’ve reformed, you could offer penance like a relevant charitable donation.

The remaining consideration is whether or not to delete the tweet. Just bear in mind that if the critics who commented are already sufficiently outraged, this action might just be pouring gas on the controversial fire. Tweeting about controversial topics can get you ratio’d. But so can typos and other spelling mistakes. Use grammar checking tools to avoid the pain of making a silly mistake.

If you have been ratioed, ultimately, the best overall course forward is to become a little wiser and get back to posting soon, with greater consideration of how things get received and what to post or tweet accordingly.

Ratio mean Twitter

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