Why is my Twitter account suspended? What is this Twitter?

Why is my Twitter account suspended? So, your Twitter account is suspended. Why? And now what?

Twitter typically flags accounts for repeated violations or engaging in suspicious activity on the platform. If Twitter suspects your account has been hacked or compromised, they may lock or limit it until you can verify your account authenticity. Your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended if you engage in offensive, prohibited behaviors.

If your Twitter account is locked, limited, or suspended, you can take some simple steps to get your account active again, including using one of the best virtual private networks (VPNs) to avoid getting locked out while in a new location. In this article, learn why your account may have been suspended, what to expect in getting the suspension removed, and how to reinstate your Twitter account.

Why is my Twitter account suspended?

Twitter strives to facilitate a platform for safe public expression. Behaviors such as harassment, bullying, and violence diminish that expression and are therefore banned by Twitter. Twitter’s Terms of Service encourage all users to participate in public dialogue, and any speech that threatens that dialogue is subject to removal.

Posting illegal content, spamming other users, using fake information, running a bot, and impersonating other users, are quick ways to land your account in Twitter suspension. Be aware and follow Twitter’s community guidelines and rules to prevent your account from getting locked or permanently suspended.

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Twitter account suspended

Determine why the Twitter account is suspended

Twitter’s automated systems moderate the platform, searching for accounts that violate the terms of service on the site. If an account goes against Twitter’s rules, the account may be subject to suspension.

The severity of the suspension depends on the violation. Some accounts may be locked or limited due to suspicious activities, while account suspension is usually reserved for repeat offenders or violations of a specific policy that poses a risk to the platform or users. There are three common types of Twitter suspensions, so if your Twitter account is suspended, it likely falls under one of these categories:

  • Read-only mode: Read-only mode temporarily limits the account’s ability to tweet, retweet, or like messages. The user can only read tweets on their timeline and respond to direct messages from followers.
  • Account verification: Twitter may require account holders to verify information with an email address or phone number.
  • Permanent suspension: Reserved for serious offenders, a permanent suspension will completely delete a Twitter account from public view and prohibit the user from creating other accounts.

If your account is permanently suspended, you’ll want to deactivate your account. Inactive accounts pose a security risk, and deactivating your suspended Twitter account can help you stay safe on social media.

You will be notified of your account status when you log in to Twitter, and the reason for suspension may be unclear. There are a variety of reasons a Twitter account may be suspended, but here are some of the most common reasons for suspension:

  • Spam: Most account suspensions are because the accounts are spammy or fake. Fake accounts introduce security threats to everyone on the platform, spreading spam or malware.
  • Account security at risk: If Twitter suspects an account has been hacked or compromised, it will suspend the account until it can be restored.
  • Abusive tweets or behaviors: Sending threats or impersonating other accounts is a sure way to suspend a Twitter account. Violent threats, wishes of harm, incitement, or glorification of violence fall under this category and will almost always result in a suspended
  • Twitter account. Similarly, Twitter has a zero-tolerance policy toward any material or content that features or promotes child sexual exploitation. Violators of this offense can expect immediate and permanent suspension.
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Twitter Account Suspension for Abusive Behavior and Content

Twitter does not only work to ensure users’ data safety and privacy but also their emotional safety. So, while allowing freedom of expression, they warn against abusive behaviors and content like hate speech. When an account infringes such a rule, Twitter will temporarily suspend that account.

You may have seen many users get away with this infringement. That is because X administrators couldn’t identify the abuse. However, when users report abuse on Twitter, the administrators investigate the report and take the necessary suspension action.

When Twitter suspends your account for this reason, you’ll have to wait out the suspension period. You may also file an appeal, but reviewing your appeal also takes some time. So, do not tweet too sensitively; multiple reports could result in far worse actions.

Twitter account suspended

Why Was My Twitter Account Permanently Suspended?

Permanent suspension on Twitter is the worst! It brings a total halt to your entire X progress and exiles you from the platform. Worse still, it’s very hard – nearly impossible – to reverse a permanent suspension on Twitter. So, with victims asking, “Why was my Twitter account permanently suspended,” you can learn the reasons and prevent it.

There is no single reason why Twitter will directly suspend your account permanently. However, you can receive permanent suspension if you persist in the activities that earn your temporal suspension. Although seldom occurring, Twitter can suspend your account permanently if you gravely infringe any policies punishable by a temporal suspension.

For example, Twitter can suspend you permanently if your account and actions are too abusive with multiple reports. An excessively spammy account with reasonable evidence of bot control might also receive a permanent suspension.

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Notwithstanding, if Twitter permanently suspends your account erroneously, you can appeal for restoration. Although your chances are slim, especially after being reported multiple times, it is worth attempting.

How To View Suspended Twitter Accounts

With more accounts suspended for minor violations, many are seeking how to view suspended Twitter accounts. If the account is yours, a temporary suspension may allow you to view your profile in read-only mode. Sometimes, however, you may be unable even to log in until you’re unsuspended.

When it’s another user’s account, you cannot view their account from Twitter when suspended. Twitter usually conceals such accounts from public view; they’re like shadow-banned accounts. However, you can view their past activities using the Wayback Machine or bookmarklets.

Twitter account suspended

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