What is Blue tick on Twitter? What is this Twitter about?

What is Blue tick on Twitter? We’ve all gone for a real ride with Twitter verification over the last few years. Getting verified on Twitter — when someone has the blue check mark next to their profile — used to be how Twitter identified notable accounts, but it has since evolved and changed. It used to be that you needed to request verification on the social network; now, anybody with a Twitter Blue subscription ($11/month) and a verified phone number can be verified on Twitter.

In this post, we’ll give you a quick overview of the history of getting verified on Twitter, walk you through the steps to get verified on Twitter in 2023 and dig into whether or not it’s still worth pursuing verification at all.

What is Blue tick on Twitter?

Initially, the blue badge next to someone’s profile was described by Twitter as a way to authenticate identity and voice. Twitter’s verification process was open to anybody, and if they could prove their identity and noteworthiness, they might get that elusive blue check mark.

Over time, people assumed the verification meant that Twitter was endorsing a certain profile, which wasn’t the case.

In 2017, Twitter paused its verification program altogether while it sorted out how to improve it. This project got deprioritized until late 2020, when Twitter reopened the conversation about account verification. In 2021, they opened up applications for anyone to request Twitter verification regardless of follower count.

A year later, in late 2022, after Elon Musk acquired the social network, the company changed how they do verification entirely. Now, anyone can be verified on Twitter if they use the company’s subscription service, Twitter Blue, and verify their phone number. This new program hit some snags in the early days, with some users using the tool to impersonate public figures and other influential individuals on social media. Still, Twitter has seemingly ironed out some of the troubles with impersonation and fake accounts, and the public is now aware that the verification badge can be associated with any account (not only notable ones), so the check mark’s perception has changed.

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In 2023, Twitter decided to remove verification from for those who were verified through Twitter’s legacy verification program. Meaning that only Twitter Blue accounts are verified going forward.

Next up, how do you actually get verified on Twitter?

 Blue tick on Twitter

Is it still worth it to get verified on Twitter?

Whether or not it is worth being verified or paying for Twitter Blue is up for much debate, and other social media platforms are getting in the mix with Meta announcing Meta Verified, their own subscription service for a verified badge on Instagram.

Ultimately, choosing to pay for that check mark is completely up to you.

On the one hand, being verified on Twitter has lost its special touch because anyone can have it, so it’s no longer as much of a big deal as it used to be (I called my sister when I was verified!). On the other hand, being verified on Twitter is still a way to make your profile distinct, verify yourself as a real person, and make it clear that you’re serious about engaging and creating content on Twitter.

For some, Twitter Blue might be worthwhile on its own for the features it provides. Twitter is constantly iterating on their subscription, but Twitter Blue subscribers can currently organize their bookmarks into categories and post longer videos, among other things. Twitter has already announced that Twitter Blue subscribers will soon see 50 percent fewer ads and — this is the big one — have their tweets prioritized in Twitter’s algorithm. If Twitter is a key platform for your business or audience, then it could be worthwhile to subscribe to Twitter Blue to bolster your Twitter marketing efforts.

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What a journey it has been to get verified on Twitter. What do you think will be Twitter’s next feature? Send us a tweet!

Blue tick on Twitter

Musk’s war against blue checks comes at a cost

The week after buying Twitter for $44 billion, Musk denounced the platform’s legacy approach to verifying celebrities, news organizations and government accounts.

“Twitter’s current lords & peasants system for who has or doesn’t have a blue checkmark is bull***t,” Musk declared in November, announcing a plan to offer verified badges to any user who paid a monthly fee. “Power to the people! Blue for $8/month.”

Musk decision to move forward with this plan, first by rolling out a paid verification option as part of the company’s subscription product Twitter Blue, and now by removing legacy blue checks from accounts, has seemingly led to unintended consequences at every step, including a wave of troubling impersonations and the potential for new scams and misinformation.

His attempts to address these unforced errors has led him back to the very system he supposedly abolished — one in which Twitter unilaterally decides who is worthy or important enough to receive a verified badge.

The major difference now is that Musk gets to call the shots. But in the process, he has made verification an even less transparent and meaningful indicator.

Instead of conveying authenticity, Twitter verification is now fraught with multiple conflicting messages. Depending on the context, verification can now reflect a kind of loyalty pledge, a signal of proud support for the direction Musk is taking the company. Or, for some who did not want a badge but received one anyway, it reflects a kind of shame or embarrassment, a distinct sense of un-coolness. For still others, it is a suckers’ mark, a symbol of gullibility and subservience.

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Why Do You Need a Verified Twitter Account?

Well, no one can answer this question better than Twitter itself.

So, according to its official statement, “The blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.”

This means a blue verification badge on your Twitter account signifies that the account is of public interest and genuine. And to make it clearer, only Twitter is entitled to give the blue checkmark badge in front of an account name.

So, if anyone tries to use an image or the same symbol in their account without getting verified, it can lead to suspension of the account from the platform.

That being said, who can earn a blue checkmark?

For Twitter verification, the account needs to be of public interest. Generally, it means user accounts of:

  • Government bodies
  • Brands, companies, and non-profit organizations
  • News and media
  • Entertainment (music, acting, fashion, etc.)
  • Sports
  • Organizers, activists, and other influencers

 Blue tick on Twitter

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