What is Stan Twitter? What Is a “Stan” on Social Media?

What is Stan Twitter? Twitter has gained enormous popularity in the past few years. The social media site is known for voicing opinions on various things from pop culture to pressing world issues.

What has made twitter such a widespread social media site in the past few years is the community of Stan Twitter. Stan Twitter is a whole sub-community on Twitter which is primarily based on people who support a certain celebrity, movie, tv-show, book, artists. According to Urban Dictionary,

Stan Twitter: A section of Twitter that is comprised of cult-like-fandoms that worship popular artists or artist groups. This section consists of fans engaging socially to online individuals, discussing topics relating to their faves, fan girling/boying over updates on their faves, and a competitive battle ground amongst the different fandoms.

Stan Twitter

What is Stan Twitter?

Overall, Stan Twitter may be described as a rabbit hole through which you will never be able to escape. It’s an opinionated, chaotic, and violent side of the internet, with its users regarded as a distinct breed. Being on Stan Twitter, on the other hand, maybe a once-in-a-lifetime experience to peak about your favorite shows for as long as you want without being criticized and who may one day become your real-life besties! You might get a celebrity’s notice, which would be fantastic!

If you’ve used social media in the previous five years, you’ve almost certainly come across the phrase “stan.” so, what is Stan? Stan is a die-hard supporter of a certain person, such as a musician, actor, book, or influencer. Stans are defined by their deep devotion to and involvement in a performer’s fandom.

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The phrase can be used as a noun or a verb. Someone can call themselves a “stan” of a pop singer or a “stan” of a new song or movie.

What Is a “Stan” on Social Media?

On social media, stan accounts are usually dedicated to celebrity culture.

Take Harry Styles for example. Not only does he have stan accounts that idolize him as a musician, but he has stan accounts dedicated to the clothes that he wears.

The term “stan” came into popular culture in 2000, with Eminem’s song “Stan” featuring Dido, which details a story about an overly dedicated fan who turns out to be a stalker (stalker + fan = stan).

Over the past two decades, the term has been adopted by the most dedicated celebrity fans on social media platforms.

While stan accounts may seem like a trivial part of pop culture, they can have a huge influence on what makes it into the top 10.

For savvy musicians, stan accounts are an important marketing outlet.

And their impact should not be overlooked.

@USBTSARMY, for example, is one of thousands of stans pages for the K-pop group BTS, and has over 700K followers.

In 2021, BTS’ global “army” strategized to get 6 singles at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in a single year — the most since The Beatles.

The takeaway? Stan accounts can be big, big business.

Stan Twitter

What We Can Learn From Stan Culture on Social Media

Having thousands of dedicated fan accounts helping to spread your message across the globe may seem out-of-reach, but here are a few fundamental principles that can be taken away from stan culture on social media:

  1. Put Your Audience (And Their Interests) First
  2. Community Lives in the Comments
  3. Create Relatable Memes For Your Community
  4. Tap Into Your Community’s Language

Put Your Audience (And Their Interests) First

The #1 thing we should learn from stan accounts? Put your audience first.

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While it’s important to prioritize content that helps achieve business KPIs — like increasing web traffic or raising brand awareness — if you’re not thinking about what your audience wants, it won’t deliver results.

Stan accounts are all about tapping into a shared interest, so if you’re a social media manager, consider what your audience would find helpful or entertaining in relation to your product or service.

At Later, for example, we share lots of video tutorials about content creation — it’s valuable to our audience and relevant to our social media scheduling products.

By putting your audience first, you allow them to feel a sense of importance within your brand’s ecosystem; like they’re a part of something bigger than a purchase transaction.

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Community Lives In the Comments

The second major thing that we can learn from stan culture? Interacting with your followers is key.

The stan community thrives from interactions with their respective “fave.” When one Swiftie receives a like from Taylor Swift on TikTok, the overall standom feels like they’ve won.

Many brands skip engaging with their followers unless done in a “customer service” type of way, since it may not lead to an immediate KPI increase. But, engaging with your followers shouldn’t be overlooked.

The more interaction you have with your followers, the deeper that fan relationship becomes.

And the deeper that fan relationship becomes, the more likely they are to become ambassadors or brand evangelists – people who will tell their friends, family, and followers about the brand.

Scrub Daddy’s TikTok followers love the brand not just for their content but because their social team frequently responds to comments on their posts.

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If you have followers that consistently engage with your posts or tag you in their content, consider rewarding them for their support.

Whether it’s in the form of a promo code, gift card, or even just a personal thank message via DM — that acknowledgment can go a long way.

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Create Relatable Memes For Your Community

Stans understand the power of memes and frequently create those they know will be appreciated by other members in their community:

Memes work so well because they’re highly shareable, relatable, and can help humanize your brand — especially when you jump on a trendy moment:

When creating memes for your audience, consider the type of content they already love, and keep an eye on what’s happening in pop-culture.

Are there any meme opportunities you can jump on?

They don’t have to be overly complex either. Straightforward and to the point usually works best.

For example, Cocokind frequently uses memes to promote their skincare products and spark engagement:

However, it’s important to keep your brand voice in mind too.

Depending on your brand, you may not want to sound exactly like your “stans” or followers, but can be flexible depending on the platform.

For example, on TikTok or Twitter you might be more casual than you are on Facebook.

FentySkin isn’t afraid to use emojis and informal punctuation in their Tweets because they understand their target audience and how they’d communicate in their everyday:

Having a solid understanding of who your followers are (and how they speak) will help inform your content and how you market to them.

Stan Twitter

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