Why does Twitter say from earth? What is this Twitter about?

Why does Twitter say from earth? Yet another update has graced the platform, and this one might be more confusing than any other before. Noticing a new tweet ‘from Earth’ addition to Twitter, users can help but wonder why tweeting from Earth needed specifying.

Out of the entire population across all of the time, very few people have left Earth. Even fewer (literally zero) have made it onto another planet. Even if they did, we’re fairly certain that the WiFi signal would be absolutely abysmal that far away from your router.

Well, Elon Musk clearly thinks that space travel is more advanced than it is. Or, perhaps the Space X founder knows something that we don’t. Either way, using his power as Twitter CEO, Elon has implemented a new update addressing the (lack of) problem of not knowing what planet a tweet is from.

Sure, we’ve had all the drama with the Twitter ticks and what they mean, and even a change to square profile pictures. However, this may be the one that confuses the most.

Twitter say from earth

Why does Twitter say from earth?

As Yevgeny Prigozhin’s march on Moscow unfolded this weekend, I tweeted the following:

A real-time crisis—like this possible coup in Russia—is exactly the moment when one needs verified accounts to filter out news from bullshit rumors.

This is also exactly the moment to remember that @elonmusk has burned this once-useful information ecosystem to the ground.

This generated considerable feedback on the birdsite, particularly from those folks who insist that the Ford Pinto they bought is super-safe are paying eight dollars a month for their blue checks. They were unhappy with my assessment.

One of the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration went so far as to claim, “Twitter 1.0’s ecosystem did not filter news from rumors. It amplified official propaganda and suppressed dissenting ideas and scientists, regardless of the truth. At least in Twitter 2.0, there’s some chance of learning what’s true. With 1.0, all you got was official blather.” To which Twitter owner Elon Musk replied, “exactly.”

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It’s not just me who arrived at the conclusion that pre-Elon Twitter was superior to Elon Twitter at providing useful information during a real-time geopolitical crisis. On Sunday Semafor’s Ben Smith wrote, “The Prigozhin rebellion was the biggest geopolitical crisis of this new media environment, and Twitter remained essential — though I found myself reading the feeds of key analysts — Max Seddon, Kevin Rothrock, Rob Lee — directly, while the main feed proved pretty useless and Elon Musk promoted growth hackers (emphasis added).”

Having a substantial exchange was difficult even under “Twitter 1.0,” but the hard-working staff here at Drezner’s World thought it would be a good idea to articulate exactly how Twitter’s value-added for reliable crisis info has degraded so badly. In other words, I wanted to explain exactly how Twitter pre-Elon ecosystem filtered news from rumors pretty goddamn well.

Tweet ‘From Earth’ Update Is Out Of This World

And we don’t mean that in a good way.

In amongst the blue tick debacle, which doesn’t seem to be resolved, another update came to the social media platform. This one was left obvious and won’t actually affect interaction on Twitter, but it’s still a strange addition nonetheless.

Users started noticing it last week, with it appearing on more and more tweets as the days went on. Yes, adding to the bar at the bottom of your tweet, you’ll now find that it says ‘ From Earth’, as your location.

You may be asking, ‘Where else would I be tweeting from?’ and that is a great question. After racking our brains, we can only really come up with the International Space Station and others of the like. However, how much time actual rocket scientists have to tweet is another question entirely. Plus, they orbit Earth so *surely* any tweet from them would still say Earth.

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The point of that digression is that only Elon Musk can answer that all-important question. Though the billionaire has grand plans for the site, reaching a new alien audience may even be beyond his reach.

It all could be a bit of an ironic joke. Perhaps Elon is pointing fun of the fact that all tweets are from Earth, or maybe that it’s a non-specific geolocation for those with locations switched off in settings. Again, that’s another question for Elon, but we’d like to be in on the joke if that is the case.

Twitter say from earth

Users Baffled By Tweeting From Earth Feature

As with anything, Twitter users had an opinion on ‘tweet from Earth,’ but it’s probably justified in this case.

Mainly confused by the feature and asking the same question, it has produced some hilarious reactions and memes.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what he implements next. Whatever you think, it will be something completely random.

Look forward to seeing this all over the dating apps.

This does pose the question that perhaps some tweets weren’t from Earth pre-2023.

Maybe Elon knows that day isn’t as far off as we think…

No one knows why it happened, but it’s here now and it looks as if it’s going to say. Whilst we’re all wondering where else we’re meant to tweet from, for now at least we can make fun of it. After all, that’s what Twitter is best known for.

A.M. Stir: Nasa’s tweets are out of this world

Tweets are cool, but a little odd, too

If you’re on Twitter and you like space stuff, be sure to follow NASA’s awesome lineup of space-related Twitter feeds. There’s the main one, @NASA, but many specialty ones, too, such as @NASAKennedy (for the Kennedy Space Center) and @NASA_Astronauts, which compiles Tweets tweeted by various astronauts. (To find these feeds, simply click on “find people” and type in “NASA” and they’ll be right there).

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One of the coolest ones is @LRO_NASA, which posts updates for the ongoing mission of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. It’s basically a satellite orbiting the moon taking photos of future landing sites and gathering other data and stuff. But it’s also kinda weird because its Tweets are posted in the first person – as though the machine itself has an iPhone up there and is posting via text or Twittelator. Like this recent Tweet from orbit: “Happily orbiting the Moon on Orbit #342, all systems nominal :-)”

I think it’s cool they are keeping us space geeks up to date on the LRO mission, but not sure what I think about the first-person approach. What do you think? Feel free to write me at jeff.brumley@ jacksonville.com or at Twitter.com/JeffBrumley.

JUST IN CASE: Homicide as a solution?

“Lady, when you’re with me I’m smiling.”

That lyric from the Styx hit “Lady” has been on my mind for several weeks, which means I’ve been singing it out loud over and over again, which means my neighbor/co-worker dude Tom Szaroleta is going insane.

So much so that he even wrote to his sister, who writes professionally about rock ‘n’ roll, to ask if the repeated singing of said lyric constitutes a death sentence for the singer. He also asked if my less frequent singing of “Blue Collar Man” was also worthy of capital punishment.

‘Lady’ is justifiable homicide and I’ll contribute to your legal costs,” Tom’s sister wrote in reply. ” ‘Blue Collar Man’ may simply be free speech.'”

So, faithful Stir readers, should I meet an untimely, unusual and extremely violent end, please tell the cops to make Szaroleta their prime suspect. After all he will have even more motive now that I have Googled the lyrics and plan to sing “Lady” more than ever.

Twitter say from earth

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